CoLAB is BBF’s second annual AMAZING summer fundraising event. It all comes together on June 15, 2013, from 7:00-11:00pm at High Concept Laboratories (1401 West Wabansia). CoLAB is designed to showcase the eight areas in which BBF programs: Organic Urban Gardening (AgLAB); Visual and Plastic Arts (ArtLAB); Digital Music Production (BeatLAB); Bicycle Design, Repair & Ridership (BikeLAB); Film, Video & New Media (FilmLAB); Knitting & Textile Design (KnitLAB); Poetry (LitLAB); and Tap Dancing (TapLAB).

Youth participants and their instructors will be on hand to demonstrate their talents, engage guests in interactive activities, display their various lab wares, and talk to an anticipated 250 guests about how BBF’s programs operate and the benefits they provide to them and the greater North Lawndale community. Guests will explore the different lab displays, enjoy lab-based performances by BBF youth and other guest performers, eat, drink, dance, and be very, very merry.

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1 May 2015 @ 5:51 pm And finally, from the creative and caring mind of one Ahmir Hollister, my favorite card. The front depicts... me? Crying as I leave BBF? Yes, likely, as I have been crying all week. But, then you open the card, and I am smiling because I am giving/getting that last awesome hug from Ahmir. And maybe that's me on the back, too, smiling a really toothy grin remembering all the joy of 1512, all the beautiful children I have met, all the strong families I gotten to know, and all the devoted and loving staff I have led in carrying out what I have always felt (and probably will always feel) has been the most important work of my life. XOMV


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